News For This Month: Lawns

Guidelines on Taking Care of Your Lawn Our personality is reflected with the kind of garden we maintained. How responsible you are in taking care of your lawn, plants and flowers will show if your garden is well kept. Here are some pointers on how to take care of your lawn the whole year round. Spring is a good season to start. This season is the best time to maximize the splendour of your lawn. After winter time, your lawn is ready to turn green. At the onset of spring though, the lawn is sensitive because of spongy soil, unpredictable weather, and plants are delicate. Some gardening pointers are to be addressed to when you tend your lawn.
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You should know the kind of grass you have in your lawn. You should be aware of the kind of your lawn grass, are they cool-season or warm-season grasses.If you understand the kind of grass that you have on your lawn, you will know how to address its care accordingly.
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It is said that you have to take care of your lawn more during summer than in spring, especially if you live in hot states. As the climate grow hotter, the more you should take care of your lawn. Fertilizing your lawn a month before the weather starts to get warm is the proper way to take care of your lawn. Watering your lawn adequately will help maintain your lawn especially the heat of summer absorbs the water fast. When autumn comes, taking care of your lawn is less hassle but it does not mean that you will turn your back in its care. You have to continue mowing your lawn throughout autumn. Fall is the right time to aerate your lawn so that water and fertilizer can reach up to the roots of the grass. Take fun in raking the leaves once they start falling so that it won’t stick together from morning dew, and thus will lead as breeding ground of fungal disease. It is time to put fertilizer on your lawn when you see bald spots. During winter, your grasses are battling from the very cold temperature, and so you should also take care of your lawn during this season. You still have to clean your lawn by removing debris or dry leaves as these invite insects, mice and other damaging pests. It is also advisable to mow your lawn during winter even if it is freezing. Some plants cannot handle the extreme condition for some time and so it is advisable that you watch for this condition. It is worthwhile to remove some chips of ice from the lawn if a deep freeze is approaching. The value of your property plus it looks great with a properly maintained lawn.